Bar-B-Q Pork Ribs

Allow 1-2 Ribs per person as part of a Bar-B-Q buffet or 3-4 per person as the
main course.

Racks of Pork Ribs, split into individual servings
1 bottle of Bar-B-Q sauce- your favorite brand

Place ribs in a single layer into a roasting pan with a little water, enough to create
steam. Cover with foil and bake 400 degrees for 1 and ½ hours. This long high
heat will guarantee tender ribs, where the meat will fall off the bones. Remove
the ribs to a separate platter and lather with Bar-B-Q sauce. (At this point you
can refrigerate or freeze for later use. IF you did freeze the cooked ribs, thaw
before proceeding). Preheat your grill . Reheat the ribs on the grill, allowing the
sauce to caramelize. Since the ribs are already fully cooked, you only need to
grill them a short time.

Serve with lots of napkins.

This is a great make ahead recipe. Easy. Ensures tender, fully cooked ribs
without burning them on the grill.

Remember the beach party ribs?  Well this is the recipe, thanks to Cathy Rees!