Auberge L’Arolay, Tignes – 1/2000

The awesome lunch at Auberge L`Arolay in Le Fornet, Val d’Isère. On Thursday, the last day of ski classes in Tignes/Val d’Isère for the last two trips we had lunch at Auberge L`Arolay, accompanied by our ski instructors. Karl wants me to tell everyone about the great, fantastic time we all had.

Not very easy to find, but a jewel once you’ve found it. Food is primarily a “cook it yourself” affair with real tender pieces of beef to cook on small tableside grills, tasty meat sauces, salad and Savoyarde style potatoes cooked in a rich cream and cheese sauce. Of course wine and drinks are the order of the day.

Most re-memorable is the after-dinner drink which consists of warm coffee, grappa, lemon, orange and sugar which is set on fire before being served in a communal wooden bowl with spouts. You pass this drink around the table and whoever puts it down first has to pay for it.

Prices are fair, around 150-200 FF per person, including drinks. A very favorable rate of exchange (the best in nearly 10 years) should lower prices this year.

There is simply no good way to explain it – you have to try it. Maybe you will get a peek of Raul’s blue long johns or get to watch everyone try to leave the restaurant after all that wine and drink. There are those who took the bus back to Tignes, like Joe and Noreen; and then there are those who tried to ski back like Carol, who had to have her binding loosened by her instructor. He told her that she skied better after all the drinking.

Look for a repeat performance of this Lunch Line extravaganza on this year’s trip to France. Plan on at least 2½ – 3 hours (Wayne would never approve), which is fast becoming a Bucks Mount tradition in Europe. We are looking forward to it. Try it, you will like it. Just ask Karl & Raul. Bon appetit, au revoir et au bientôt!

~Neilan Hagen
Lift Lines – January 2000