Park City – 9/2001

It had been an adventurous day already. This was my first visit to Park City. The early morning slopes provided iced corduroy, glazed and marbleized moguls (one could feel the whining in the air). A late morning run off the Silverlode started to show some relief. Redemption began up in McConkey’s Bowl, or maybe it was the Chili Bread Bowl at the Summit Lodge. Anyway, a death march ensued crisscrossing Thaynes, Pioneer and McConkey’s lift (which ended solo). And we were off to Main Street. One could easily add 1,000 feet of vertical (if you’re counting) to peruse the entire street. Fortunately, there is a free trolley.

The shopping began to take its toll and I was becoming famished. We needed a restaurant. The menus are posted outside: Italian, Latino, Thai, Chinese, and even burgers and beer. This one got my attention: steaks, ostrich, lamb, venison, pheasant to name a few. It wasn’t till we sat down that I realized the name, Game Keepers’ Grille.

I asked our server’s for his opinion. He highly recommended the Grilled Elk Chops, which I had been considering.

It was a difficult decision to pass on the soup/salad choices, Wild Game Chili, or Smoked Pheasant on wild greens accompanied by toms, arts, ‘shrooms, goat cheese, or a Caesar Salad. I had to go for the Baked Brie in Apple Brandy Glaze, it’s difficult enough to get a drink in this state. I’m a little partial to Maryland Crab, so I passed on the S’west Crab Cake in Mustard Cream. Smoked Buffalo Ravioli or Spicy Buffalo Tamale options were appealing, but I was suspect of the New Zealand Mussels with no based reason. I had already decide on the Elk served with roasted tomato demi-glace, whipped Yukon Gold spuds (skins on) and vegetable medley coupled with a California Petite Syrah.

The meal was fabulous. I thoroughly enjoyed the tenderness and unique flavor of the elk and will look for it in the future (no Mad Cow or Foot and Mouth to worry about!). I believe the preparation and selection of sauces used in any of the 12 entrées (including the vegetarian meal) would satisfy most palates. So if you are in the mood for a wild night, check it out!

~Larry Ortmann
Lift Lines – September 2001