La Fruititere, Tignes

This genuine alpine country French restaurant is located in Val d’Isère at the top of the Daille gondola, which comes from the bottom of the village of La Daille. There are 3 areas of dining: cafeteria style, outdoor dining and indoor dining. It is the last that we find the most interesting. For the outdoor dining, reservations are a must on sunny warm days, for which blankets are given to keep you warm. Indoors is charming, the decor reminiscent of a renovated old cheese factory with large cheese wheel molds and milk cans. When you sit down at your table, your food server collects and deposits your gloves, goggles, etc., in a milk can.

The food is absolutely delicious. The alpine cheese board consists of all the local cheeses: Beaufort d’Alpage, Reblochon Fermier, Tomme de Savoie and Tomme de Chêvre; each for about 25 FF. For small appetites, you can enjoy a Soup Savoyarde or Pissaladière (onion tart) for 46 FF. There are also several pasta dishes, one choice being Tagliatlles Fraîches Aux Petits Gris (fresh pasta with mushrooms) at 78 FF. If you have skied really hard and are absolutely famished, you can try the meat dishes. Two examples which I have tried and are excellent are the Palette ½ Sel et Jambonneau Aux Lentilles Vertes du Puy (salted gammon steak and ham knuckle with green lentils) and the Boeuf Bourguignon (beef burgundy) at 78 FF.

Still hungry? For dessert there is Flan à L’Ancienne (custard à l’ancienne) and Riz au Lait Grand Mère (grandma’s rice pudding) for about 35 FF. Don’t forget to enjoy this with your favorite drink or as they do in France, a bottle of local (Savoyarde) wine.

~Raul Valcarcel
Lift Lines – January 1999