Death March



1. Rules can only be made by (me) the Death March leader.

2. Rules can only be changed by (me) the Death March leader.

3. All rules are subject to change at any time.

4. Rules can be added at a moment’s notice.

5. Protests can be filed at any time, but will probably not be taken seriously.

6. The Death March will begin each morning upon arrival at the mountain.

7. Each contestant must remain with the group.

8. Skiers may take different routes to the bottom of the chair but must meet at the top of the next run.

9. Skiers may take one run alone as long as they remain skiing.

10. One stop during the day may be made for nourishment.

11. One stop can be made for necessities, unless I have to go more than once.

12. Skiers must be still on the mountain when the lifts close. (A possible exception might be if the bus plans to leave the mountain before the lifts close).

13. Death March pins are not awarded for skiing in foreign countries unless I am there. (Foreign countries can not be expected to qualify due to the long leisurely lunches).

14. Once one has earned a Death March pin, it should be worn at all ski club functions.

15. Anyone wearing a Death March pin in a bar before the lifts close is subject to review and could risk losing his/her pin. (guilty by association)

16. Points will be awarded each time the pin is visible at a club function.

17. Pins are not transferable to family members. Upon death they must be returned to the Death March leader.

18. Begging and whinning for possible exceptions will be viewed as weakness and dealt with harshly. NO PIN.

19. If you leave for injury during the day, NO PIN.

20. Two days (not necessarily consecutive) in the Death March are required to earn a pin.

~Wayne MacMath, Lift Lines January 2002


1. Wearing your pin now reaps financial rewards. Free lift tickets or other ski club apparel can be earned simply by wearing your pin.

2. The number of points earned can depend on the event and circumstances. Always wear your pin!

3. Donation of a shirt from the Rebel group leader will result in the awarding of a pin to said leader.

4. Members of the rebel Anti-Death March Pin squad are eligible to accrue points simply by wearing their shirts and showing kindness to the Death March leader.

5. If you should misplace or lose your pin, a $5.00 donation to the Special Winter Olympics Program will enable you to receive another pin.

6. Children wishing to earn a Death March pin cannot get one by begging or whinning, however skiing with the DML will yield a pin. Amount of time skiing with the DML to be determined that day according to snow conditions. (powder – not a chance)

7. Children in the process of earning a pin cannot ask for hot chocolate, bathroom breaks, or cry and ask for their Mommy. Please do not ask for lunch money. Snacks given on the bus are to be eaten on the lift, not in the lodge.

8. Parents-DML is not responsible for lost clothing, helmets or children.

~Wayne MacMath, Lift Lines, January 2003